Tuesday, October 8, 2019

SURVIVING INDOCHINA: 10D/10N Travel Diary and Expenses

I went with three of my friends on an Indochina trip last August 2018, it was a 10 days/10 nights trip from Manila to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Here is our PHP 27,000.00 (minus the airfare) travel diary and guide, for the complete travel itinerary, you may visit my other blog entry HERE.

SURVIVING INDOCHINA: 10D/10N Travel Itinerary

10 Days and 10 Nights. 4 Cities in 3 Countries. Unlimited Fun. Countless Memories.

What are the things and places you could visit in 10 days in the Indochina trail from Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Phnom Penh and Seam Reap in Cambodia and Bangkok in Thailand.

Here is the detailed travel itinerary of our Indochina trip, for the complete travel guide and expenses, please click HERE.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Shake Shack BGC Experience

Four months after it officially opened its first store in the Philippines last May 10, 2019, I finally tried Shake Shack when my friends agreed to accompany me in BGC.