Saturday, March 25, 2017

SONY A5000: Your Perfect Travel Companion

Gone are those days that traveling are meant for rich people only. With the rising numbers of do-it-yourself travel blogs and the birth of budget traveler's group on social media, we are given a lot of options to travel at the cheapest possible ways

Majority of travelers nowadays prefer to travel with their backpack than carrying heavy and bulky luggages. Backpacking requires a skill to pack all the important things you need for your entire trip inside a small bag.

A camera is an essential element of every traveler's journey. It will be their tool to document in photos and videos their precious and priceless moments. DSLR is the best choice for travel photography but more tourists and travelers are now gearing towards the use of mirrorless camera because of it's convenience that can also produce high quality photos and videos like of the DSLR.

If you are planning to buy a new mirrorless camera for your next trip, you should get the Sony Alpha A5000. It would be the best travel companion because of its features suited for every type of traveler. 

Let's take a look why it is the best camera for a traveler like you.

#1 PERFECT for Size and Weight Conscious Travelers a.k.a. The Backpackers.
It's portable, you can bring it wherever you go.

It is the world's lightest interchangeable-lens digital camera weighing only 210g for body only or 269g with battery and media, perfect for the 7 kilos allowed hand carry baggages of some airlines.

The camera size with measurements of 109.6 mm width, 62.8 mm height and 35.7 mm depth is not space consuming, there's still room for your shopping haul and pasalubongs.

#2. PERFECT for BUDGETarian Travelers.
It's cheap but powerful and flexible.

Travelers will most likely to invest their money on experiences rather than invest it to expensive material things. But Sony A5000 will not break your bank because it is priced at PHP 22,999.00 only, cheaper compared to other mirrorless camera in the market today.

It's powerful enough to provide you with good quality photos and videos of your adventures. It is equipped with the following features:
  • 20.1 MP Exmor HD APS sensor to achieve high resolution and DSLR quality images.
  • BIONZ X image processing engine to get truer color rendering, better noise reduction and faster burst mode shooting.
  • Full HD movie recording in high quality video formats.

It is also a flexible interchangeable-lens digital camera that gives you the freedom to shoot beautiful photos depending on your subject matter. Whether you are in landscape, portrait or macro photography in your travels, Sony has a list of accessories and lenses compatible for your device.

#3 PERFECT for Social Media Addict Travelers.
It is wi-fi enabled, time to level up your instagram feed. 

There is no need to wait for you to get home to transfer photos from your camera to your personal computer before you upload it on your Facebook photo album. No need to put #latepost on your instagram gallery. It's time to use #ATM (At The Moment) because with Sony A5000, you can wirelessly connect it to your smartphone and upload your picture on your social media accounts anytime and anywhere as long as mobile data is available.

#4 PERFECT for SOLO Backpackers.
It's a selfie or groufie friendly device. 

With Sony A5000 tiltable LCD screen up to 180 degrees, you can capture beautifully composed self portraits in just a snap. No need to ask other travelers's assistance to take your picture or bring those bulky and heavy tripods.

Not convinced yet? For more details about Sony A5000, you may visit their Sony Philippines website here or any of their Sony Centers near you.

Joel Clavio
Corporate Slave on Weekdays
Wanderer on Weekends

Disclaimer: All photos used are from Sony Philippines.


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  2. It would be the best travel companion because of its features suited for every type of traveler.

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