Sunday, February 9, 2014

Binondo Foodtrip

Established in 1594, Binondo in Manila Philippines is the oldest Chinatown community in the world. The place offers you some of the best Chinese food houses in the country.

Upper Right: The Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch.
Lower Left: Welcome signage to the Manila Chinatown.

Upper Right/Lower Left and Right: The Seng Guan Si Temple or the Philippine Chinese Buddhist Temple 

Estero - located at Brgy 297, Binondo Manila

This famous food stall is located beside an Estero, the reason behind it's name. They can cook your food on the spot at an affordable cost. You should try to eat their fried frog legs.

Masuki Mami Restaurant - located at 931 Benavidez Street, Binondo Manila

Masuki is the home of authentic Chinese noodles. This Tsinoy mami house produces their own mami. Their beef and chicken mami is best paired with their siopao sauce, yes siopao sauce, try it. They also serves one of the best siopao in Binondo. 

Cafe Mezzanine - 650 Ongpin corner Nueva Streets, Binondo, Manila

Cafe Mezzanine is a fireman's inspired/themed restaurant. Portion of it's income goes to Binondo fire department and to the famous purple firetruck. Their specialty is Kiampong, a fried rice cooked in pork stew.

Above: The iconic purple fire truck parked beside the Binondo Church.

Ongping MaƱosa Restaurant - located at 926 Ongping Street, Binondo, Manila

This is an old established authentic Chinese restaurant in Binondo, they serves the best pansit guisado and thick pork maki soup.

Shanghai Fried Siopao - located at Ongping Street, Binondo Manila

The store's specialty is the tasty fried siopao for Php16/17 pesos only. The siopao is not that crispy but the filling is a must try.

UNO Seafood Wharf Palace - 270 Calvo Bldg Escolta Street, Brgy 291, Binondo, Manila

One of the best Chinese seafood restaurant in Escolta, they serve their seafoods fresh from the aquarium. My favourite dish in this restaurant is their chicken pie, the crust really tastes good and can be eaten alone.

Upper Right: Crab Sotanghon
Lower Left: Chicken Pie

Eng Bee Tin - located at Ongping Street, Binondo, Manila

Eng Bee Tin is the home of the best hopia and tikoy. You can buy your pasalubong to friends and family here. Custard and ube hopia are the must buy products.

Polland - located at 209 Escolta Street corner Yuchengo Street, Binondo, Manila

Another authentic hopia maker for your family and friends pasalubong.

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